About us

KVABPpharm Group LLC is privately owned and managed company producing pharmaceutical intermediates. We primarily focused on antiseptics and antimicrobial formulations.

Since our first commercial delivery made in 2004 we have committed to the protection of human health and well-being. We have build our reputation as reliable supplier of large range of chlorhexidine based antiseptics. 

We can offer high quality APIs: chlorhexidine bigluconate solution 20%, chlorhexidine acetate, chlorhexidine base, as well as ready-to-use products on the base of chlorhexidin solutions (0.05% - 7,00%): topical antimicrobial surgical scrubs solutions, CHG oral rinse solutions.  

All products are produced at GMP certified facility according to USP and EP requirements. 

We have also developed unique synthetic and purification procedures for production of the key-intermediates for various APIs which we supply on custom manufacturing basis.